RPM: 3,400
Shaft Size: 7/8"
Max GPM: 2.4
Max PSI: 2,800
Inlet Thread: 3/4" GHA
Discharge Thread: 22mm x 1.4M

The Annovi Reverberi SRMW24G28-EZ-SX triplex residential plunger pump for vertical gas engine driven pressure washers flows 2.2 gallons per minute at 2,800 PSI and 3,400 RPM. This pump mounts directly on to the engine shaft by using a keyed hollow shaft connection system. The mounting flange provides a convenient connection to most 7/8” diameter shaft vertical gas engines in 4 - 7 HP (reference the cc to HP chart) and fits most OEM carts. This pump includes a built-in pressure control valve, downstream chemical injection system, EZ start valve and thermal relief valve. The seal system uses a high and low pressure seal.


  • The "S" version has upgraded grade valves
  • The pump body and head are die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Pistons are driven by swash (wobble) plate mechanism
  • The crankshaft is supported by an oversized ball bearing while the swash plate has a thrust bearing assembly
  • Pistons are tempered stainless steel
  • Pump head is forged brass
  • The seal system uses a high and low pressure seal 


Manual Breakdown


Max GPM 2.4
Max L/Min 9.1
Max PSI 2800
MaxBar 193
Power EBHP 4.6
Bore Dia mm 12
Motor EBHP 12
Stroke mm 9.0
Crankshaft ID Stamp 3
Inlet 3/4" GHA
Outlet 22mmx1.4 M
Max Temp 140° F
Weight 7.3
RPM 3400
Shaft Size 7/8"
Shaft Version D
Shaft Type Hollow

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