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Winterizing High Pressure Plunger Pump

Anytime you store go through  Winterizing High Pressure Plunger Pump

It is a given that when water freezes it expands, if the pump is full of a freezing fluid you may cause some irreversible damage. Broken plungers, damaged packings and ruptured manifolds to mention a few.

There are three ways to winterize your pump:

  1. Store it in a warm area where temperatures will not drop below freezing
  2. Turn off all inlets and blow out the system with 30-70psi air
  3. Circulate a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze and water. Take care to follow local environmental regulations

Take caution to ensure that there is no slush anywhere in the system before using. Slush will damage the system and could lead to injury. It is recommended to perform a full maintenance check prior to use.