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Vacuum Pumps

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Battioni Pagani Pompe Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps / Vacuum Blowers

Battioni Pagani pumps and blowers are designed with 60 years of experience to handle the demanding needs for agricultural fertilizing irrigation, oil field use, septic waste, empty cesspools, industrial waste, chemical waste, byproduct waste, and manufacturing. Models from 46 – 467 CFM available. They have an proven reliability.

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Ballast Pumps

View our selection of MEC – Ballast vacuum pumps – featuring 600 / 1000 RPM and 36.26 Max Absolute (relative) Pressure.

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Battioni Pagani Pompe Ballast Pumps
Battioni Pagani Pompe Rotary Blade Vacuum Pumps

Agricultural Pumps

The WPT series offers rotary blade vacuum pumps for agricultural use with applications which are similar to those of SE and MEC series. This series is designed and built most of all for heavy works projects.

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