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Basic Maintenance High Pressure Plunger Pumps

This article is meant to provide an overview of basic maintenance high pressure plunger pumps in industrial applications. The pump is the heart of today’s pressure washer, and it is usually the most neglected component in the system. As long as it is working it is not thought about, as soon as it fails it has the highest priority.


It has been documented that the pump is probably the earliest form of machine dating back to around 2000 BC. Today the pump is the second most common dynamic machine in use. The electric motor claims first place

The reciprocating pump first appeared during Roman times (250-0 BC); it was operated by hand, water animal or wind power.

This article will only touch the tip of the maintenance structure. Each item of a system could be written about in depth. The intention for this article is to hopefully arouse your interest in safeguarding your personnel and equipment by looking at maintenance.

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