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In The Press: Young People, At Sixty Years Old

Annovi Reverberi Family

Young People, At Sixty Years Old

Modena Industria
Filippo Pederzini

Thanks to a mix that has always put innovation and research at the top of the list to increase growth and development in Italy and in the world

A 60th anniversary of the one celebrated last year by Annovi Reverberi. In particular, 2018 was marked by the innovative project “360”. It starts from the new corporate website that encompasses the three divisions of the company – agriculture, industry and cleaning – easily navigable in a single interface. This is followed by various activities related to the Emilia region, including a contest with the Venturi Art Institute for the creation of a 60-year work by Annovi Reverberi and Modena, the contribution to the creation of the new Hybrid Hall of the Baggiovara Hospital and to the concert for the renovation of the San Prospero tower in Reggio Emilia, the city where the founder of Annovi Reverberi was born 93 years ago. Continue reading

SVX High Pressure Relief Valve

SVX High Pressure Relief Valve:

AR North America presents the SVX high pressure relief valve. The relief valve is a used to control or limit the pressure in a system, the pressure relieved by allowing the pressurized fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. The SVX is rated to operate with a maximum PSI of 4,500, GPM 8 and Max temperature of 194° F. It is designed and made from .303 Stainless Steel, 3/8” F Inlet and 3/8” F Outlet.

Learn more about the SVX relief valve and other safety valves.

TPR Rotating Nozzle Series


tpr turbo high pressure nozzles

AR North America presents a new TPR Rotating Nozzle Series, with a rubber cover version and stainless steel version. Rotor check valve has been patented, rotor stays full of water, this helps dampen the nozzle/tip impact against the nozzle insert. No impact to the flow reopening, with brass body and fittings. High resistant ceramic nozzle and seat. They operate at 3700 to 5800 rpm and the stainless steel version running at 8700 to 11600 with a 20° spray pattern with a vertical start design.

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AR North America Announces the Release of the Next Generation Pumps for Industrial and Commercial Applications – The RTX


AR North America announces the RTX, newest in its wide range of state-of-the-art, easy maintenance pumps. The RTX features stainless steel convexed intake and discharge valves for high fluid dynamic efficiency along with high-strength, one piece, non-porous forged nickel-plated brass head and forged heat treated steel crankshaft. The dual high-pressure sealing system with anti-extrusion ring support lubricated with low pressure recirculating lubrication chambers for the low pressure seals, plus “premium” tapered roller crankshaft bearings make this model a powerful pump option.

Founded in 1989 by Ralph Notch, Annovi Reverberi North America, Inc. has become a leader in the pressure washing, car wash, misting and cooling, sewer jetting, carpet cleaning and reverse osmosis markets where high pressure water plunger pumps and related accessories are key. AR North America believes its success is based on a commitment to technical excellence, unparalleled customer service, world-class manufacturing and distribution.

The internal structure of ARNA is characterized by guaranteed high standards of quality, safety and responsiveness. Consumer reviews confirm that commitment: “Excellent product, even better customer service.” “A real winner.” “Impressive product.” “..accomplishes many tasks easily.” “This is the one to buy.”

The New Rear Entry Trigger Gun AL7 Introduced by A.R. North America

The new Rear Entry Trigger Gun AL7 introduced by A.R. North America will handle up to 10 GPM and pressure up to 4000 PSI. It is available as the cold water version AL7 gun, which can handle water temperatures up to 140° F., and as the hot water AL7H, for up to 300° F. Rental Duty Trigger Guns with 3/8″ F inlets, and ¼” F outlets.



Contact Name:

Kyle Notch
Title: Marketing Manager

AR North America Announces the Release of RTF Series High Volume Triplex Plunger Pumps

AR North America announces the release of RTF Series high volume triplex plunger pumps. Spinning at 800 or 1000 RPM, these 24mm solid shafted pumps will move 36-44 GPM at 1500 PSI. To handle the high water volume, these pumps have 1 ½” F Inlets, and 1″ discharge fittings.


Kyle Notch
Title: Marketing Manager