The Annovi Reverberi Manufacturing Process

Like most companies, we manufacture some of our Annovi Reverberi high pressure pumps in China. We took our time to find the right team to introduce the AR process and techniques to reflect our traditions.  AR as a company has 59 years of manufacturing experience. The company started to Italy and has since grown to offer products worldwide.  This video highlights or team in China.

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Bolondi High Pressure Cleaning Heads

Bolondi Cleaning HeadAR North America is proud to be an official distributor of Bolondi cleaning heads and washing nozzles. Just like Annovi Reverberi, Bolondi is located in Italy. In fact it’s only minutes from our headquarters in Modena.

We believe Bolondi makes the highest quality cleaning heads available. Food, wine, spirits, beer, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical, car washes, drum cleaning, bin cleaning, sanitation and more. They are the perfect combination with an Annovi Reverberi high pressure plunger pump.

The most popular Bolondi cleaning head is the BISW060. Self-spinning washing head for containers open on one side. Reduce water consumption by not washing an area of 120° wide at the base of the spray head keeping spray in the container. Spinning speed of 120 g/min. Water Motor.

If you are looking for a car wash nozzle we recommend the BIPW060. Self-rotating cleaning head working at a set, constant rotating speed. Ideal for underbody washing systems. Variable arm length. 2 – 3 – 4 nozzles. Water Motor.

If you have a cleaning nozzle we suggest you start with the best in Bolondi. Visit our online catalog page featuring all of our Bolondi cleaning heads or contact us today for a conversation and quote.

SVX High Pressure Relief Valve

SVX High Pressure Relief Valve:

AR North America presents the SVX high pressure relief valve. The relief valve is a used to control or limit the pressure in a system, the pressure relieved by allowing the pressurized fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. The SVX is rated to operate with a maximum PSI of 4,500, GPM 8 and Max temperature of 194° F. It is designed and made from .303 Stainless Steel, 3/8” F Inlet and 3/8” F Outlet.

Learn more about the SVX relief valve and other safety valves.

TPR Rotating Nozzle Series


tpr turbo high pressure nozzles

AR North America presents a new TPR Rotating Nozzle Series, with a rubber cover version and stainless steel version. Rotor check valve has been patented, rotor stays full of water, this helps dampen the nozzle/tip impact against the nozzle insert. No impact to the flow reopening, with brass body and fittings. High resistant ceramic nozzle and seat. They operate at 3700 to 5800 rpm and the stainless steel version running at 8700 to 11600 with a 20° spray pattern with a vertical start design.

See all the nozzles in our catalog.


MLETC Stainless Steel Engine Throttle Controller

mletc stainless steel engine throttle controller

MLETC Stainless Steel Engine Throttle Controller

We are excited to share we now stock the MLETC Stainless Steel Engine Throttle Controller in inventory. This engine throttle controller is designed to control the speed of an engine or the flow of fuel in an engine, or to hold down or choke. The throttle is for a device to control how fuel moves through an engine. This throttle is Stainless Steel 40” Cable with 3/8” fitting size – 0.28” – 0.55” Adjustable Stoke, and rated at 7,250 PSI and 320° F.

See the brass and stainless steel MLETC engine throttle controller.More information or add it to your quote.

AR North America Returns to CETA / ISSA Interclean Show 2016


CETA / ISSA Interclean show chicago 2016

AR North America returns to CETA / ISSA INTERCLEAN in Chicago October 25-28, 2016 at McCormick Place South Hall booth 3645. We plan to have our Annovi Reverberi triplex plunger, diaphragm pumps, AR Blue Clean pressure washers and related accessories. Stop by to learn why AR enjoy’s a major presence in cleaning sector thanks to its high pressure piston plunger pumps for industrial washing for both private and professional use. AR also is also a world’s leading manufacturer of diaphragm pumps for agriculture use. We represent pioneering solutions in the global market.

We are also excited to sponsor the CETA’s Opening Reception this year ideal for those wanting to relax and socialize and just have fun in the very room that served as Bruce Wayne’s apartment in the film “The Dark Knight”. Walk the red carpet, have your picture taken then enjoy all the fun!

For more information or to register visit Make sure and come see us in booth 3645